Posted by: Huw Thomas | July 27, 2011

The celebrations begin

We finally got our glass of champagne on Friday – celebrating us passing 10,000 miles and my sister Sian graduating as a doctor of medicine. (Hopefully there might be another glass on hand when we get to Helston on Sunday.)

Bubbly... at last. Celebrating with Sian and Alfonso.

We stopped for a couple of nights with Sian and her fiancee Alfonso. (Oh drat, we’ll have to go back and drink MORE champagne when they get married in September!)

After that came a couple of beautiful days riding across Wiltshire and Somerset to get to Taunton on Monday – where we gave our final Rotary Club presentation to the Taunton Vale club. We think that’s now about 120 clubs we’ve spoken to about ShelterBox.

Yesterday we arrived in Braunton, North Devon, where Carolyn grew up. She’s enjoyed meeting up with old school friends and a day on the beach while I’ve very happily sat around reading a book and not cycling. We’re due to cross the border into Cornwall on Friday – stopping near Bodmin on Friday night and camping at St Agnes on Saturday night. Presingoll Farm if anyone wants to come and say hello.

Not quite sure how we’re going to feel when we get to ShelterBox HQ in Helston on Sunday – proud but also quite sad.



  1. Congratulations you two, fantastic effort. Enjoy the champers …. you deserve it. Can’t wait to read the book …..

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