We’re riding 10,000 miles around the world on our tandem to raise awareness of ShelterBox.

Our journey started in Vancouver on 8th August 2010 and should end at ShelterBox’s international HQ in Cornwall, England, on 31st July 2011.

Apart from a few planes and ferries, we plan to do the whole 10,000 miles under our own power. Click on the names of the countries/continents below for details of our itinerary and route maps.


Europe – (May-Jul 2011) from London to Copenhagen via Antwerp, Amsterdam and Hamburg.  Then back to England and a loop that visits Scotland, Ireland and Wales – ending at ShelterBox HQ in Cornwall. Estimated distance: 2,848 miles. 


Canada (Aug 2010) from Vancouver eastwards and then south to the US border. Estimated distance: 765 miles. Actual total: 800 miles.

United States: Part 1 – (Aug-Oct 2010) south across Montana, through Yellowstone and Wyoming, then on to Denver and Santa Fe. Estimated distance: 1,658 miles. Actual total: 1,956 miles.
United States: Part 2– (Oct-Dec 2010) across Texas and eastwards through Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama to Florida. Estimated distance: 2,127 miles. Actual total: 2,202 miles.

New Zealand – (Jan-Feb 2011) starting on the South Island and working our way north to Auckland. Estimated distance: 1,231 miles. Actual distance: 1,337 miles.

Australia – (Mar-Apr 2011) from Brisbane to Sydney. Estimated distance: 1,115 miles. Actual distance: 1,385 miles. 
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  1. Good Luck……..won’t be able to help you out unless you take a detour through Pennsylvania. Will solicit my Rotary Club for a donation however.

    Thanks for your efforts.

    Allan Syphers
    Rotary Club of Blue Bell
    District 7430 ShelterBox Representative

  2. GOGOGO!!!! you will make it come on cycle cycle cycle from kyle xxxx

  3. I heard about your ride from my boyfriend who is a member of the Tsawwassen Rotary Club. I am a member of the Sunshine Coast Rotary Club and as such have a soft spot for Shelter Box. Can’t say my soft spot would get me on a bike touring around the world to spread the word though. So, good on ya!!

    All the best in your endeavours, I am in awh of you!!

  4. What a great cause! Best wishes. I see that your route takes you through Texas. If you can use a comfortable stop and perhaps some more coverage (Rotary, media) in The Woodlands, let me know.

  5. Hello from Clovis, New Mexico
    Wishing you the best. Read an article about you and your efforts in our local Newspaper (Clovis News Journal).

    • Looking forward to getting there – I keep telling Carolyn that it’s all downhill from Las Vegas into Texas!

  6. I am a child from Chandler Elementary School in Allen, Texas. I am inspired with your work and wish you good luck!

  7. Hi Huw and Carolyn

    Keep up the good work & keep pedalling

    all the best from home

    • Thanks David. Not sure we’ve caught up with your mileage yet but we’re working on it!

  8. looking forward to meeting you on Saturday in belfast, ill be on my bike and will cycle with you to Donaghadee…..and beyond!! Good luck and safe voyage

    Mark Brooks
    NorthDowncycling Club…and a Rotary Member of Donaghadee

  9. Hi Both, great to meet you at Llanelli. Best of luck for the rest of your journey. A truly remarkable couple, well done.

    Graham Williams
    President Rotary Club of Llanelli

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