Your help

Our mission is to challenge as many people as possible to do something in support of ShelterBox.


If you want to support our challenge there are many ways you can help. Below are some of our ideas if your town or city is on our route:

  • Arrange a talk – we want to get out message about ShelterBox to as many organisations as possible. We would love to give a talk to schools, cycling clubs, Scout groups, Rotary clubs etc.
  • Organise a bike ride – it would be great if other cyclists could join us as we ride either into or out of your town (a group of local riders escorting us along our way could be a great PR stunt!)
  • Set up a display – could you organise a public display with information about ShelterBox and how the charity helps people around the world?
  • Get media coverage – telling your local media about these crazy cyclists towing a big green box half way around the world will give us an opportunity to promote ShelterBox (and your organisation)

And even if you’re not on our route that’s no reason not to get involved!

Why not hold an event in aid of ShelterBox – for more ideas, information and publicity material contact the ShelterBox affiliate in your country:

Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, UK, USA

These are just a few of our ideas – we’d also love to hear your suggestions. Contact us at

Tents, Rotary Club, Rotarians


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