Tandems are genetic


Huw:  “I think riding tandems must be in the blood or something. My parents are now both in their late seventies. The picture below was taken last summer (July 2009). The weather wasn’t great which is why my mother is wearing the very (un)flattering souwester and cape!”

Huw's parents on their tandem.

“But they aren’t the first members of the family to ride tandems. The picture below is of my mum’s parents – I think this was taken sometime in the early 1930s.

Will and May Wiggs - my maternal grandparents

And the grandparents on theirs!

“My granddad used to win all sorts of prizes as a club cyclist and would often clock up over 100 miles in a day on his tandem. And this was long before bikes had all the fancy kit and range of gears that we take for granted today.”

(Click on the picture to see how many gears their tandem had!)

Tents, Rotary Club, Rotarians



  1. Huw and Carolyn – congratulations on winning the tickets and I hope the ride goes well.

    I love the picture of the 3 generations of tandem riders and wish I had inherited the Wiggs family’s hair, rather than taking that trait from the Gompertz side of things!!!!

    Simon (and Ros and the little Gomps – Will, Rebecca and Matthew)

  2. Many thanks indeed for your splendid post A Family History Of Tandems, and for all your work at ShelterBox. I put the 1930s photo on my website SongShepherd to accompany a tandem song! I hope you don’t mind. I included your web address, your names and the name of ShelterBox on the post. If you prefer not to have the photo on the page I’ll take it off. Best wishes, Shep.

    • No problem at all. Glad you enjoyed the read. Cheers, Huw

  3. […]  You can read about this photograph, about Huw & Carolyn Thomas and the tandem connection, and their part in the work of ShelterBox, a super charity close to my heart, at     https://tandem10.wordpress.com/about/tandems-are-genetic/ […]

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