About us

We are Huw and Carolyn Thomas – ex-journalists turned TEFL teachers. Our home is in Cornwall, although we’ve spent the last couple of years teaching English in Portugal.

This will be our most ambitious tandem ride yet but not our first big trip. In 2004-5, we cycled about 6,000 miles around the coasts of France, Spain and Portugal.

Taking a break on the French Atlantic coast - June 2004

We met in Hampshire , where we both worked on local newspapers. We moved to Cornwall in 1997 and married in 1999. Huw joined ShelterBox in 2006 to manage the charity’s publicity & fundraising, later sending Carolyn to Pakistan as a ShelterBox Response Team member so she could report on the deployment for her newspaper!


On this trip we’re riding an Orbit Routier tandem. For more about the bike and equipment, click here. To see why Carolyn had no choice about riding a tandem, click here.

For our video diaries from the trip so far, click here.


It would take up too much space to list everyone here who’s helped make our challenge possible but this journey would not be possible without the support of our sponsors Altura, the BA Great Britons programme – and all our kind hosts from Rotary and the cycling network Warmshowers. For more information, click here.


You are welcome to contact us at tandem10@hotmail.co.uk – to return to the blog’s diary entries, click here – or on the blog title above.

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  1. Hi Huw, what an adventure!! Heard about your expedition via Mountbatten School website as I work as a technician in the Food Technology dept.
    Will vote on the website, but just wanted to say good luck to the both of you!!

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    Wow look at you guys!!!! Go go go! Wishing you all my loves and best wishes on your worthy, gruelling and awe inspiring journey…..

  3. Amazing effort, guys. Hope that the funds are mounting up as fast as the miles. Take care, avoid the bears, and we wish you fair winds and clear roads.

  4. Huw & Carolyn: thank you so much for visiting us for breakfast at the Helena Sunrise Rotary. It was lovely meeting you both. Have a safe and wonderful trip across the continent. I hope you really enjoy YNP. It should be great. Stay safe, stay dry, and good luck.. cheers,


  5. From us two mad people, to you two mad people……..bloody well done to you both, and keep it up!

  6. Hi Carolyn and Huw, sounds like your having a great time…and have got so far. Keep up the good work and have a lovely christmas wherever you will be.
    Jo xx

  7. Hi! Looking forward to your visit. Sorry, no luck with the tandem box. Paula

  8. Thanks for taking the time to come to the Rotary Club of Greenmeadows, Napier, New Zealand tonight and share your story.
    Congratulations on plucking up the courage to take time out, have an adventure and raise awareness and money for Shelter Box. I hope you can get to soak in the natural hot pool tomorrow night at Tarewa.

  9. Great to meet you guys on Boat Harbour Drive, Hervey Bay, Queensland today.
    It was so good to hear of your exploits and to chat about life – and friends – back in Cornwall.
    Good luck on your ride down to Sydney. Stay away from those bad old trucks, eh?
    Best wishes
    Wynne and Rick Peacey
    Ex Polgooth, St Austell.

    • Isn’t it funny where the Cornish pop up!

  10. Looking forward to meeting you at Dunbar on Sunday 26th and hope your visit to Scotland brings out the sunshine and good weather for you both.
    Well done and keep the 3 wheels rolling!
    Ian Donald

  11. Hi Guys,
    Many congratulations on your fantastic journey! Everyone here in New Zealand sends you their good wishes and have a fantastic day tommorrow at Helston. You have both put ShelterBox on the Map.
    Maybe see you in Portugal.

    Mike Cahill

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