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We’re riding an Orbit Routier Pro that we bought specially for this journey from J D Cycles in Ilkley.


Our tandem 'Orion' - all shiny and new back in July 2010.

We did have a Trek T-1000 on our previous, European trip. However, when we looked at the cost of the new equipment and repairs our old bike would need for the journey ahead, we decided it made more sense to start with a new bike.

Following some extensive research (and budget calculations!) we went to visit JD Cycles and – after a bit of a test ride through the Yorkshire Dales – decided the Orbit Routier was the right bike for what we’re doing.

Basic facts: our new bike has 26″ wheels, 27 gears and three brakes (two rim and one rear disc).  For detailed specs, take a look at the JD Cycles website.

As of June 2011, we’ve done more than 9,000 miles on Orion. Most of that has been on sealed roads but we’ve also done some pretty rough bits of off-road. We’ve worn out quite a few tyres, replaced the transmission and the pedals but the bike itself is still looking in remarkably good shape.


Behind our tandem we’ll be towing the same Bob Yak trailer we used on our previous trip.

The ShelterBox on our trailer.

This time, however, we’ve now got a ShelterBox on our trailer. The funny thing is, the box was such a good fit that it seems like it must be fate!

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  1. In 2003 I used the Biking Across Kansas as a way to raise $10,500 for a humanitarian mission in Honduras which purchased a new diesel electrical generator.

    Best wishes on your biking trip. Similar exercises have proven useful for both publicity and fund-raising.

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