ShelterBox Lesson Plan

The lesson plan below deals with disasters in general and the feelings and needs of victims of disasters. It then leads into a discussion/explanation of the work of ShelterBox.

The lesson is adaptable to all levels and is in two stages that can either follow on immediately or be taught separately. There are also some stand-alone reading lessons and suggestions for supplementary activities.

Other than paper and pens, the materials needed are listed under each stage.

Click on the headings below to download PDF files giving all the information necessary to teach the lesson.

OVERVIEW – Basic teacher’s notes on what’s involved.

STAGE ONE – Consists of five steps including: warmer to introduce topic of earthquakes, discussion on feelings and what you need to survive, vocabulary for other types of disaster.

STAGE TWO Four steps that look in more detail at the kind of help that disaster victims need and introduce the work of ShelterBox. It also includes a video on the work of the charity and an interview with a young girl who survived an earthquake in Java.

SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL – Ideas for extra activities, depending on student level.

PICTURE & VIDEO LINKSClick here for Resources A, B, F & H

READING LESSONSClick here for Resources

WORKSHEETSClick here for Resources A, B, C, D, E & G

The material above is based on our ideas. We’d be delighted to get you feedback – and add additional material if anyone wanted to contribute to these pages.

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