Posted by: Huw Thomas | July 10, 2011

Down south

How can it be Sunday again? That means another week’s gone – and only three more left until the finish line in Helston!

We’ve had a busy time since crossing the border into the Irish Republic. Friday was supposed to be our day off in Dublin but rather than resting our legs we found ourselves riding around Phoenix Park with about 70 international students from the IH Dublin language school.

Getting ready to set off around Phoenix Park with the IH Dublin students

The past week as been a mixed experience. Carolyn’s been suffering from a dodgy stomach and the weather has been a bit wet at times.

On the plus side, we’ve raised around 1,200 Euros for ShelterBox and seen some beautiful scenery – particularly on the coast between Dublin and Wicklow. We’ve also had some great hospitality thanks to Irish Rotarians.

We’re now in Wexford, our last stop in Ireland before the ferry back to Wales. We’ve got a couple more nights here first though – hopefully a chance for one more pint of the black stuff…

One Dublin landmark that few tourists miss!



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