Posted by: Huw Thomas | July 5, 2011

10,079 miles… and still pedalling!

We’ve done it. With four weeks of our journey still to go, we’ve now ridden 10,000 miles for ShelterBox.

Cycle computer says YES!

The big moment came on Sunday afternoon as we cycled from Strangford to Downpatrick in Northern Ireland. The sun shone and it was a glorious moment for two very excited tandem riders – plus Orion and Bob of course…

Today (Tuesday), we arrived in Dundalk in the Irish Republic with the total now at 10,079 miles on the clock. So, as we pedal on towards Dublin, Cardiff and Cornwall, only one question remains… ARE WE THERE YET?!



  1. Guys, a massive congratulations from sunny Viseu. NOT long to go no…. best of luck for the final lap of honour!!

  2. Did you get a bottle of bubbly somewhere??

    • Sadly, no! It was a late finish and we ended up on a campsite three miles out of town with no shops or pubs in sight. Celebrated with a big bag of cheesy Doritos!
      (On the other hand, we had managed a few glasses of ‘pre-celebration’ wine the night before…)

  3. Yeah! Way to go guys! Hope you found that well-deserved bottle of bubbly!

    • Hi Jen, we were thinking of you – remembering that day last August when we set off from Vancouver with zero miles on the clock and no real idea what lay ahead!

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