Posted by: Huw Thomas | March 10, 2012

And now… a book!

The cycling is over but I’ve got a new project in aid of ShelterBox – this one´s a novel!

As well as riding tandems, I’m also an author and my new book – The Vault – is being published in aid of ShelterBox.

The book is only available on Kindle at present with 50% of royalties going to help the charity’s work.

The Vault is a mystery about hidden secrets, childhood drama and murder… to read more visit Amazon – for the UK page click here, for click here.

For anyone interested, I’ve got a separate blog about my books and writing – click here.

And, if you do read the book and enjoy it, please don’t forget to post a review on Amazon! Thanks.



  1. Came across your blog after reading your entry in the Longleaf Trace’s guestbook (Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA). Very cool thing you did!

    • Thanks – it was also an amazing experience. At the time there were moments when it became almost ‘ordinary’ but now we look back and think ‘did we really do that’!
      Memories of people and places to last a lifetime.

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