Posted by: Huw Thomas | July 17, 2011

Boxes in action

Two weeks. That’s all that’s left until we reach ShelterBox HQ and the end of our journey. So… apart from wearing out a few tyres and eating a few kilos of chocolate, what’s it all been about?

Well, so far, we’ve ridden a grand total of 10,384 miles (16,711 km). More importantly, we’ve also given nearly 170 talks on ShelterBox to Rotary Clubs, schools, scout groups and other organisations. Plus about 80 media interviews.

L: Boxes being delivered in Colombia. M: Tents set up in Brazil. R: Help arriving in Japan.

The result of that? Donations of around £47,000 in additional funds for the charity – enough to pay for around 76 additional ShelterBoxes. And this is where boxes paid for with some of that money have gone (click on the country names for more info):

Mexico – November 2010 – in response to landslides & flooding

Brazil – January 2011 – flooding & landslides

Madagascar – March 2011 – floods caused by cyclone

Japan – March 2011 – tsunami & earthquake

Columbia – May 2011 – flooding

Truth is, we’ll never know exactly how much money we’ve helped generate for ShelterBox in countries we’ve visited over the last year. It may be more. We’ve given out thousands of publicity leaflets and cards along our journey. Some of those may result in additional support for the charity… this year or next.

What we do know, though, is that every mile was worth it. Not just because we’ve had a wonderful adventure – which we have. But also because we know that some fresh hope – in the form of a very special green box – has been delivered to at least 76 families around the world who had lost everything.

If you’re reading this, you may already know about ShelterBox. The reason I’m repeating it? Because the work never ends. In two weeks time, we’ll get to Helston and the end of our journey. But the work for ShelterBox will continue.

At the moment, boxes are on their way to South Sudan and a team going to Ethiopia – all part of the response to the crisis going on in East Africa where drought has forced tens of thousands to flee their homes. So, when our ride is over, please don’t forget ShelterBox!



  1. What stars you both are! Congratulations!!

  2. Well done. It was wonderful to meet the two of you at Glasshouse Mountains, South east Queensland and share lunch with you.
    You have set yourselves a goal and achieved it. I am sure the message will have spread well beyond yor immediate contacts.

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