Posted by: Huw Thomas | June 30, 2011

Turning south

We’ve now turned south for the start of our journey back to Cornwall. Probably just as well, as we’re starting to think our bodies (and heads) might appreciate a bit of a rest.

We’re also spurred on by hearing how hot and sunny it is down south. Scotland is beautiful but it’s cold and damp up here and we don’t like it!

Is this the right way to summer?

It took us 58 days to reach Edinburgh from leaving London… well, I suppose going via Copenhagen isn’t exactly the direct route. We had a busy day in the Scottish capital on Tuesday – no cycling but a breakfast presentation to a Rotary club, several hours of walking the city being tourists, a lunchtime visit to a school and then a big do in the evening organised by the Rotary Club of Corstophine.

Yesterday, Carolyn was suffering a bit from my cold so we did a shorter (45 mile) ride to a small place called Abington in Lanarkshire, where we camped. Today we made our way over the hills to Castle Douglas for another Rotary talk.

After all the gloom and damp , the sky has finally cleared right over so we’re keeping our fingers crossed for tomorrow.


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