Posted by: Huw Thomas | June 27, 2011


Crossed another border yesterday – not yet an international one! – as we rode into Scotland.

Welcome to Scotland - the A1 north of Berwick-upon-Tweed

It’s been a tough and rather damp few days getting here. We left Penrith on Wednesday morning and managed to get to the summit of Hartside Pass (1,903 ft) about 30 seconds ahead of the rain. That was followed by a lovely six-mile downhill – wearing sunglasses to protect my eyes from the stinging rain!

We had a day’s rest in Allendale with friends Myles & Sue. Much appreciated as I’d picked up a filthy cold somewhere along the way. Friday and Saturday we headed on across Northumbria and up the coast – stopping to admire some of the castles that dot the countryside up here.

L: Making coffee with an audience. R: Part of Dunstanburgh Castle.

The weather hasn’t been great recently. To be honest, pProbably the worst we’ve had so far but there again it is a British summer!

Yesterday we arrived in Dunbar and met the local Rotary Club – raising £269 for ShelterBox with an informal reception wonderfully hosted by Ian and Louise Dickson. This morning we’re off to visit a local school and then riding on to Edinburgh.



  1. Dear Huw & Carolyn, what a pleasure to meet you both this evening! I was very impressed with the story so far and wish you all the very best ‘on the home straight’. Watch out for that A75 tomorrow, those Belfast bound wagons run on a tight schedule!!

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