Posted by: Huw Thomas | June 22, 2011

Pit stops

We’ve just enjoyed a short break in Penrith, Cumbria, staying with friends Bee & Richard. Four nights in the same bed – what pleasure! We even had one day when we didn’t even see the tandem.

L: Robin Hood's Bay. M: Helmsley on the edge of the North Yorks Moors. R: Meeting Richard on the road to Penrith.

We needed a break by the time we got here. We’d done nine days of consecutive cycling since leaving Norwich, as well as ShelterBox presentations five evenings in a row.

Riding up the North Yorkshire coast and over the Moors was a delight… but quite hard work. While in Thirsk we also took the opportunity to visit our sponsors at Altura.

L: With Ian & Robin at Altura HQ. R: Autographing a shirt.

Altura have been extremely generous in providing clothing, panniers and other gear for the trip. Visting their base gave us a chance not just to say thank you but also to give some feedback on how well the kit has performed.

The gear we’re using is getting several years worth of normal wear and tear in just a few months so they were pleased to see how well things were holding up. I’m particularly impressed with my bar bag – bought for our previous tandem trip so it’s now done over 15,000 miles and is still in extremely good nick!

This morning it’s back on the bike and off over the Pennines via Hartside Pass. Good thing is, it’s not raining. At the moment.


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