Posted by: Huw Thomas | June 11, 2011

Hurrah for Horncastle!

We cycled into Lincolnshire today and finished to a wonderful welcome from the 1st Horncastle Merlin Scout Troop and the town’s Rotary Club.

L: The welcoming committee in Horncastle. R: Some of the leaders show off their ShelterBox badges.

While we were busy trying to burn off this morning’s breakfast fry-up, the Scouts and Rotarians had spent more than four hours outside a local supermarket collecting money for ShelterBox and handing out leaflets.

When we arrived, we were very impressed to see that a number of the Scouts and their Leaders were wearing ShelterBox Badges they’d won last year.

Today’s ride was 63 miles. We also had to contend with the first tyre blow-out of the trip and a nasty wind crossing the Fens north of Boston – plus suddenly arriving at a junction to find the road completely closed off and no diversion signs.

I noticed, however, that work had only started three days ago and happily said to Carolyn,”oh, we’ll be able to get through”. We did… but had to lift the bike across several trenches that had been dug out for new drains! A bit of a nuisance as our rig is not the lightest on the road.

Tomorrow is another long one – 60-plus miles to Goole. After which we’ve got a busy schedule of Scout talks.



  1. I am lucky enough to have been part of the welcoming group in Horncastle. Thanks to fantastic members and leaders of Merlin Scout Troop, fellow Rotarians and generosity of the public, we were able to raise £251.20p for ShelterBox. Huw & Carolyn stayed with me overnight, what delightful and easy guests. Sorry about the road closure! Good luck with remainder of your journey.

  2. Just a quick message from 1st Horncastle Merlin Scouts – It was a great honour to be part of welcoming Huw, Carolyn and the tandem into Horncastle on Saturday and raising money for ShelterBox. You are doing an amazing job cycling all those miles and making awareness of this charity. For our Scout Troop it felt extra special as we had completed the ShelterBox Challenge badge last year and feel very proud to be able to wear it knowing that we are supporting such a fantastic charity. It was also great to be able to see one of the ShelterBoxes and the contents which gets sent out. Well done and Good Luck with the remainder of your journey.

  3. hi huw and carolyn just a quick message from the 1st bridlington scout group we had a fab time really enjoyed meeting you both and riding in to bridlington with you,, we have learned all from you and think what you are both doing is an amazing thing ,thankyou for letting us be a part of it , we are all now well on our way to compleating out shelterbox badge. good luck with the rest of your ride x

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