Posted by: Huw Thomas | June 8, 2011

For your bed tonight…

One of the fascinating things about this journey is never quite knowing what kind of place we’re staying in until we get there.

On our first night back in England we knew a local Rotarian had organised a ‘B&B’ for us. So it was quite a surprise to find ourselves riding onto what looked as if it could have been the set for a Jane Austen production…

Elizabeth Bennett on a bike?

We felt thoroughly spoilt staying in Hintlesham Hall and a bit reluctant to leave. But we had to jump back on the tandem the next morning and get to Southwold for our next engagements – two talks at St Felix School and one to the 1st Southwold Scout.

And for our accommodation in Southwold? We spent a very happy night sleeping on the floor of the Scout Hall!

L: Our Southwold home for the night. R: View of Southwold from the pier.

Today we made it to Norwich. Talked to the Norwich Centenary Rotary Club this evening and we’ve got a couple more ShelterBox events organised for tomorrow – but no cycling and hopefully a bit of time for some sightseeing.


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