Posted by: Huw Thomas | June 3, 2011


After about three weeks of cycling with the wind behind us and no real inclines, the last couple of days have been a shock to the system.

Turning west from Copenhagen we had a stiff wind to battle into on Wednesday. Then yesterday we caught the ferry back to Jutland (the mainland) and suddenly found ourselves needing our lowest gears as we hit the first real hills we’ve seen since the South Downs.

This morning we’ve got a ShelterBox display in the centre of Ry – and an interview with Danish TV… Time to go and do my make-up.



  1. Hi You two brave bikers.
    Congratulations with having climing the mountains of Denmark. The area around Ry is the closest to the sky you will come in this country. Rest are “down-hill” but be aware of the wind most often from the west. Seems you will have really nice wether for the next days, so your last impressions from hire are sunny. Looking forward to follow the last few miles of your ride. Good luck – and hope for low winds. – Henrik

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