Posted by: Huw Thomas | May 29, 2011

Going north

Hurrah. After nine days of camping we’re now back in a nice warm house with a comfy bed – and internet access!

L: Close encounters of the strange kind in Schneverdingen. R: Is Carolyn thinking of changing her wheels?

Since the last blog update we’ve ridden almost 350 miles across Germany, doing a loop just south of Bremen and Hamburg. Yesterday we took the ferry to Rodbyhavn in Denmark and we’re now in Karise, about 40 miles south of Copenhagen.

We didn’t have any engagements while in Germany, so were able to just enjoy the ride and the towns and countryside on the way.

L: Miniature ponies in the Netherlands. M: Love tokens in Luneburg. R: Dining 'al fresco' in Ratzeburg.

On the day we left the Netherlands we finally got some sunshine. Since then, however, the only constant thing has been the wind – thankfully pretty much always behind us.

This afternoon we got to Karise, where our host Hans (from Warmshowers) was celebrating the opening of his cafe. Not only was there a fun run going on but there were also an assortment of strange homemade bicycles to try out!

Tomorrow we have our first ShelterBox presentation in Denmark and then our schedule starts to get busier again. Hopefully we’ll also get some more access to the internet and be able to keep the blog a bit more up to date.


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