Posted by: Huw Thomas | May 19, 2011

Who’s stolen the sun?

Despite months of cycling across North America, New Zealand and Australia it’s still possible to remember individual days when the weather wasn’t great.

Which is why the last six days have been such a shock – where’s the sunshine gone? Why am I wearing long sleeves and leggings? Please, bring back the sun!

If you go down to the woods today... you might see two tandem riders brewing coffee and eating Belgian chocolates!

On the other hand, we definitely can’t complain about the hills. There aren’t any! And although Belgium was wonderful for its cycle paths, the Netherlands might just have the edge. What a wonderful country for cyclists. (The only odd thing though is that we’d got used to being a bit of a novelty. Here, hardly anyone gives us another glance.)

Tomorrow we cross into Germany – with complete new transmission on the bike. After over 8,000 miles some of our chain rings were looking just a little worn so we’ve just replaced the chains, chainrings and gear cassette. All sounds a bit smoother now.

Old Dutch buildings at the Open Air Museum in Arnhem.

We’ve managed to meet up with a few Rotary Clubs in the Netherlands and also spend a bit of time being tourists. Yesterday we visited the Airborne Museum and the Open Air Museum in Arnhem – very different experiences but both well worth the time.

We’ve also had great hospitality from lots of people along the way – and hopefully raised the profile of ShelterBox a little bit higher.



  1. I’m still following your amazing trip into the final part…
    Sponsored walk tomorrow but can hardly move after two hours on court with Paddy the other day..I think I won! yes I did 6 2 6 2!
    I won’t be at Ihviseu next year and will be spending all of the winter in the UK keeping an eye on my elderly parents, who knows what the future holds but may catch up with you sometime in Portugal in 2012.

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