Posted by: Huw Thomas | May 15, 2011

Another day, another country

It’s so much easier clocking up countries in Europe. We crossed the border into the Netherlands yesterday – that’s eight countries now, all with ShelterBox affiliates.

We’ve had two quite hard days of riding to get here though. On Friday we had to ride about 55 miles (90 km) so that we reached Hasselt by 2pm for a ShelterBox display in the city centre. We were only five minutes late, which we didn’t think was too bad.

L: With the team in Hasselt. R: Reception committee at the Dutch border.

Had a wonderful night out in Hasselt (thank you Brecht and Evy) but didn’t get home until almost 12. Which made getting on the road by 7.30am the next morning quite hard!

Luckily it was a shorter ride (only about 45 miles or 70km) to get to Eindhoven. We had a wonderful reception committee from the Rotary Club of Eindhoven-Kempenland waiting for us at the Dutch border and two kind escorts to guide us into town for the Rotary District Conference.

Today, we’ve stayed off the bike. Instead we took the train into Amsterdam and played tourist.

Images of Amsterdam: canals, cheese, football fans and other attractions.

Strolling around the canals was very relaxing – although we did feel sorry for the seagull below:

Too much Heineken?


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