Posted by: Huw Thomas | May 12, 2011

Four-fifths of the way

Arrived in Antwerp yesterday – clocking up 8,000 miles on the way (or (12,800km if you prefer). That means we’re now four-fifths of the way to our target of 10,000 miles.

It seems long time ago that we celebrated reaching 1,000 miles – and those nice folk from Whitefish Rotary Club laughed and said ‘well done, only another 9,000 to go’.

Part of the historic centre of Gent.

We’ve now given a couple of presentations to Rotary Clubs in Belgium – Gent-Haven and Antwerp-Wilrijk-Terbeken. Luckily for us (and them) they all speak excellent English over here!

Tomorrow we have an early start and about 50 miles to Hasselt, where there’s a ShelterBox display taking place in the city centre. Then – on Saturday – it’s off to Eindhoven in the Netherlands for a Rotary District Conference.

So many places to ride to.

Hopefully we can find time to taste some Belgian chocolates and (more) beer before crossing the border to see what the Netherlands has to offer.


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