Posted by: Huw Thomas | May 9, 2011

Belgium… wonderful!

Belgium, what a country. Famous (deservedly) for beer and chocolate. But that’s not all! 

No, it’s also where cyclists rule. Not only are there bike lanes everywhere but car drivers have to give way to cyclists at roundabouts and one-way streets don’t apply to bicycles. Enlightened or what?! 

We're not in Queensland any more, Toto!

We took the ferry to France on Sunday after a big family celebration for my mum’s 80th birthday the previous day. It was our 12th wedding anniversary on Sunday so we celebrated in style when we finally found a campsite near St Omer – a beer and a huge bag of chips! 

L: Celebrating in style. M: Windmill at Cassel. R: The next border.

Today we had a beautiful ride through the rolling fields of Flanders. No red poppies in sight but it did make me pause for thought on seeing just how many military cemeteries there are around here.

 So France is behind us and we’re now in Belgium, the seventh country of our ride so far. Tomorrow we’re heading into Gent, hopefully to find a Rotary Club meeting where we’re supposed to be giving a talk.



  1. Happy anniversary guys! Carolyn, how do you put up with being romanced and swept off your feet like this??!! Chips n beer….. ! Keep on going guys!! WE’re walking again next week. For children in shelters after being remved from their families by the court….

    • Hi Paddy. I know, I’m an old romantic at heart. It’s all the exotic surprises I spring on Carolyn that keep our marriage so exciting… (After all, they were foreign chips!

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