Posted by: Huw Thomas | May 4, 2011

Time to ride

Dozens of cameras clicked away as we left London on Monday morning for the third and final leg of our 10,000 mile journey…

Wheels in each hemisphere - on the Greenwich Meridian

Okay, so most of them weren’t there for us. We just happened to have our bike parked on the Greenwich Meridian!

We were also very glad to have some fresh cycling clothes for the launch of our European leg courtesy of our kind sponsors at Altura. The gear they’d provided at the start did very well but after almost 7,700 miles it did feel nice to be wearing new jerseys and shorts!

L: Bodiam Castle. R: The High Street in Battle.

The ride out of London went smoothly – we managed to avoid too much traffic and were soon out into leafier lanes. After nine months of riding across other countries it was nice to come back home and remember just how beautiful England can be. Accompanying us part of the way was Carolyn’s Uncle John – 76 years young and a lifelong cyclist.

Carolyn and her Uncle John

We were well hosted in Tunbridge Wells by the local Rotary Club (thank you Martin & Pam) and continued to Hastings yesterday, where we talked about our ride to members of the 1st Westfield Scouts (plus various parents). We were also able to show them the contents of a real ShelterBox – nice as last year the Scouts raised money for a box later sent to Columbia.

Some of our audience at Westfield, near Hastings

Today we rode on another 50 miles to Canterbury. Got a couple of days off here as it’s my mum’s 80th birthday on Saturday – and a big family celebration is planned.



  1. Good to see you both on ‘home’ ground – best wishes to your Mum on SaturdayXX

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