Posted by: Huw Thomas | April 18, 2011


The Australian section of our ride is now over – we’ve made it to Kiama on the New South Wales coast, our last stop before flying home on Wednesday.

To the lighthouse... posing in Kiama

We’re pleased to be here but sad that another section of our journey is over. Each part of our ride has brought a mixture of experiences that we’ll never forget. Looking back on Australia we won’t forget the rain and the heat in Queensland, getting knocked off our bike by a truck and having to push the bike up the Bunya Mountains.

But the negatives are far outweighed by the positives – we’ve had lots of wonderful hospitality both from Rotarians and members of the Warmshowers cyclists network, ridden through some beautiful scenery, camped among the wallabies, seen lots of fascinating birds… and had a great response to our efforts to raise more money for ShelterBox.

The tally so far

We’ve ridden 670 miles since entering New South Wales and a total of 1,385 miles (2,216km) in Australia, which now brings our overall distance to 7,680 miles (or 12,288km). My estimate for our Europe leg is a distance of about 2,700 miles so it looks like we might overshoot our target distance!


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