Posted by: Huw Thomas | April 15, 2011

Escape from the city

Phew. Definitely going to need a rest after the Australian leg of our journey. It’s been the busiest part of our ride so far – but also very productive.

Wednesday was hectic. Started with a breakfast presentation to the Darling Harbour Rotary Club. Then it was straight on the bike and off into the traffic through the centre of downtown Sydney, which was a little bit busy. We made it to the suburbs though and caught a little ferry from Cronulla to the Royal National Park, where we were suddenly into mile after mile of bush (forest)… and one or two good hills.

Then came a spectacular section of coastal riding before arriving in Wollongong just as it was getting dark. We then had half an hour to change and recover before going off to do our second Rotary meeting of the day!

Yesterday began with a live interview on ABC radio, after which we rode to Berry and our next presentation. We’ve just done a breakfast talk this morning… and now we’re off to the beach for a rest. We were also front page news on the area’s daily paper and the media coverage is working well – we collected $85 in donations just from people who spotted us on the road yesterday and came up to congratulate us on what we’re doing.

To see the story about us from the Illawarra Mercury, click here.


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