Posted by: Huw Thomas | April 11, 2011

Sydney… by land and sea

We’ve reached Sydney! We got here yesterday (Sunday) afternoon after following the coast south from Bateau Bay, where we stayed for a few nights with an old school friend of Carolyn’s.

To avoid having to cycle on busy main roads, we took a more direct route down the coast. This meant taking a couple of ferries, not only more scenic but also a shorter route – and we had a chance to stop at the beach for a swim!

Two icons together (the ShelterBox and the Opera House)

Even so, the total on our cycle computer reached 7,500 miles (12,000km) as we were riding into Manly, where we caught a ferry that took us right into Circular Quay and the heart of downtown Sydney.

L: Arriving by ferry at Palm Beach. R: Carolyn on the beach with old friend Hannah (and Sox the dog)

We’re here for a couple more nights – we’ve got presentations to give to two Rotary Clubs and tomorrow we’re going to talk to students at IH Sydney, part of the group of language schools for which we used to work.

After that, it’s south to Berry and Kiama for a final few days by the coast before we say goodbye to the land of Oz. We already know the ride’s been well worth it though. Apart from having a great time, we know we’ve also helped raise (so far) another $10,000 for ShelterBox Australia.



  1. Hi Carolyn and Huw – Wow Sydney at last! Congratulations! Good wishes and prayers for your continued welfare and enjoyment of this great journey. Your Brisbane ShelterBox family, Janet and John

    • Hi Janet. Good to hear from you. We couldn’t resist getting a picture of us and the bike outside the Opera House. It was a great feeling to know we’d made it to Sydney. (Just a little sad that our time in Australia is almost over).

  2. Enjoy your final days in OZ! What an amazing ride by two amazing people! Safe travels up over. 😉

    • We’re enjoying every day! Although some are better than others… today we’re going to the beach and NOT riding the bike. 😉

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