Posted by: Huw Thomas | April 2, 2011

Another one bites the dust

No, we haven’t come off the bike again. Just worn out another tyre – that’s a total of five now.

I gave Orion (the tandem) new tyres for Christmas. The front one is still looking good but the back one was almost bald. I reckon it’s down to all the ice creams Carolyn was eating in New Zealand – she says the back tyre has worn out quicker because she pedals hardest.

Anyway, we’d done about 2,300 miles on this particular set of tyres and I must admit that I’d never use anything except Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres ever again as the back tyre that we’ve just replaced has never had a single puncture despite regularly riding over broken glass. (For some reason they seem to love throwing glass bottles out of cars in Australia!)

L: Students at OConnor College in Armidale with tent. M: Weather forecasting in Tenterfield. R: Interrupting the ride for a roadside radio interview.

We’re now in Muswellbrook after crossing the Great Dividing Range for what should be the last time. It’s been a busy time recently with loads of excellent media coverage for ShelterBox. Our last day off was in Armidale – when we gave one radio interview, visited two schools and did a presentation to a Rotary Club breakfast meeting.

Carolyn was a bit mean with the students at O’Connor Catholic College. She thought they would get bored just listening to us so challenged them to put up the tent – without giving any advice or instruction! (Which for those who’ve never tried is no mean feat.)

L: Coffee stop outside the pub. R: Typical NSW scenery.



  1. Our director thought she spotted you from afar when she was in the Hunter over the weekend. Small world. See you in Sydney next week!

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