Posted by: Huw Thomas | March 28, 2011

NSW & 7,000 miles

We crossed the border into New South Wales on Saturday – having cycled 715 miles (1,144 km) across Queensland since leaving Brisbane on 6th March.

Saturday also saw the total mileage on our cycle computer reach 7,000 miles (11,200km). So… assuming my estimates are correct… that means we’ve only got 3,000 miles to go. (Although I’ve a sneaking suspicion we might overshoot our target by a mile or five hundred!)

While in Queensland, we talked to members of 18 Rotary Clubs, visited two schools and gave 12 interviews to newspapers, radio and TV about ShelterBox and our ride. We also collected more than $6,000 in donations – if we could keep up that average we’d be raising enough for two ShelterBoxes a week, which would be great but given how busy the charity has been recently would still only be a drop in the ocean.

The last few days of riding have been pretty tough but beautiful. We’re more or less following the Great Dividing Range, visiting some pretty rural towns and riding through some scenic countryside. Only problem with ‘scenic’ is that it’s generally not that flat! Tonight we’re in Guyra, which at about 1330 metres above sea level boasts its ‘at the top of the range’. So does that mean it’s all down hill from here?



  1. 7,000 miles! Whooohooo! Keep up the great work spreading the word to all those Clubs, schools and through the media! You rock! And yes, it MUST be all downhill from there!

    • Well it’s almost all downhill. Just worked out that we’ve got a lovely long run down to Tamworth… it’s just that we’ve then got to go back over the range to get to Muswellbrook – after which it is (generally) downhill to the coast!

  2. Nice to catch up with you guys, hope the ANZAC biscuits did the trick! Good luck with the rest of the trip

    • Likewise. Please say a big thank you to Flora for the biscuits – so nice that they didn’t last very long at all! Cheers, Huw & Carolyn

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