Posted by: Huw Thomas | March 23, 2011

Bunyas or bust

While in Kingaroy we were warned that the road over the Bunya Mountains was steep but we thought “oh, we’ve cycled through New Zealand – we’ll be alright”.

How bad can it be?

Well… it’s the first time we’ve ever had to get off the bike and push on a sealed road. Not just once either. It was a 20% gradient and went up to 1100m. Plus it started raining part way up and didn’t stop until the next morning.

But it was worth it. (Probably.) Seeing wallabies grazing around our tent certainly put a smile back on Carolyn’s face.

Wallabies make it all worthwhile

Since then we’ve stopped in Dalby and have now reached Toowoomba – along the way seeing not just evidence of January’s floods but also ground  still underwater from all the recent rain.

We’re supposed to be having a rest day today but ended up going in to give an interview to ABC Radio and a short talk at Toowoomba Grammar School. We were also delighted to hear that Hervey Bay Rotary Club are sponsoring two ShelterBoxes following our talk there.

Also need to say a big thank you to Cal at the iRide bike shop in Toowoomba for taking the back wheel apart and sorting out our sticky freewheel.



  1. Hi Huw and Carolyn,
    Still following your fanatstic trip. Australia can be very wet in march/ early april. I lived there for ten years and can remember some very wet spring years.
    I’m sure though the weather will get better for you. School is winding down for Easter hols in a few weeks and then the sponsored walk will be here with us again!
    How time flies….. Got in any tennis with the Aussies?
    All the best.

    • Hi Russ. Good to hear from you. Sadly, I haven’t touched a tennis bat for many months. Are you still giving Paddy the regular beating he needs?

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