Posted by: Huw Thomas | March 15, 2011

Heat, rain… and Japan

We agree with Queenslanders – there’s been too much rain here! Since leaving Gympie, the weather has been hot but a bit on the damp side.

No rainbows in sight

However, the good news is that, despite an alarming wobble, our buckled rear wheel has got us to Hervey Bay – where the wheel is now being rebuilt with a new rim.

On the way up here we had a couple of nights camping at Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay. Both beautiful spots… although a bit more sunshine would have helped. We also didn’t need an alarm clock at Tin Can – several hundred rainbow lorikeets in a tree above your head at 5.30am does the trick too!

With members of the Fraser Coast BUGs who escorted us in to Hervey Bay

Arriving at Hervey Bay we were met by some of the members of the Fraser Coast Bicycle Users Group who escorted us to the Centro Shopping Centre where a ShelterBox display had been set up. Tonight we’re talking to a joint meeting of the town’s three Rotary Clubs.

Yet again, we’ve had a stark reminder of the reason for our ride. The disaster in Japan is immense.

"Houses turned to matchsticks"

ShelterBox has sent four of the charity’s most experienced response team members to Japan and an initial 200 boxes – with another 5,000 ready to go as soon as they’re called for.

At present an estimated 590,000 people are in temporary shelter having lost their homes or been evacuated. Millions of others have no water or power. For more on ShelterBox’s response click here.



  1. may the sun shine upon you soon! 🙂

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