Posted by: Huw Thomas | March 9, 2011

Getting tropical

So, we’re now on the road in Australia and heading north. Talked to members of eight Rotary clubs so far and clocked up about 107 miles (166km) over three shortish days of riding.

Lunchstop at Glasshouse Mountains - courtesy of the local Rotary club.

So far we’ve been well looked after. On Monday we even had lunch laid on when we stopped at Glasshouse Mountains, where we met our escort from the Caloundra Rotary Club who then took us on to tea and cakes at Rydges Oasis Resort in Caloundra! (There were three choices of cake so being a fair-minded chap I made sure I tasted them all.)

We’re also relieved that it’s been mostly flat – we even had the wind behind us yesterday. Road surfaces also seem a lot better than NZ, lovely smooth tarmac that doesn’t leave your backside and wrists aching!

L: The wreck of the SS Dicky at Caloundra. R: Surfers at Noosa.

We’re now at Noosa on the Sunshine Coast – resting our limbs today beside the seaside (so Carolyn’s very happy). Tomorrow we head on to Gympie and we’re hoping the easier terrain continues because it’s much, much warmer here and a lot stickier. Any big hills and we’re going to get very sweaty!



  1. Poor Carolyn being ‘down wind’ on those hot sweaty days! 😉 So exciting to follow this adventure from Mile 400 to today in Australia! How far left?

  2. You made our local paper.

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