Posted by: Huw Thomas | March 5, 2011

Aussie spirit

At one time we thought the Australian part of our ride might not happen. Back in January we were horrified by news reports coming through about the inland ‘tidal wave’ that hit Toowoomba, followed days later by the flood that left huge areas of Brisbane underwater.

Now, it’s early March and here we are in Brisbane, getting ready to set off across some of the areas of Queensland worst affected by those floods.

Yesterday, taking a boat up the Brisbane River we could still see evidence of the floods – jetties that had been destroyed, tidemarks halfway up the walls of houses. But these Aussies are a tough breed. Most of the debris has been cleared and lots of reconstruction is underway.

We’ve also got a busy schedule ahead. Despite having gone through some pretty major natural disasters of their own, Rotary Clubs across Queensland still want to hear talks about ShelterBox (currently delivering aid in Bolivia, Madagascar and New Zealand – for more click here).

In Toowoomba, we’re due to visit the Rotary Club of Toowoomba South – who apologised in advance for the fact that they probably won’t be able to do any fundraising this year because of what happened in January! I’ll say something for these Aussies, they may have taken a beating recently but they’re certainly not bowed!

For details of our Australia route, click here. (We’re also at work on our UK-Europe leg – to see that route, click .)


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