Posted by: Huw Thomas | February 28, 2011

Auckland… almost

Our time in NZ is almost up. Made it today to Manukau City. We’ve got a few miles to ride tomorrow – and three final presentations to give.

The mood here is still pretty sombre. It’s a small country and everyone knows someone affected by the Christchurch quake.  It’s a very sad situation but – as others have pointed out – highlights the significance of what we’re doing and why ShelterBox is such a worthwhile cause.

With students at Taupo Intermediate School

We’ve now cycled 1,301 miles in New Zealand. By the time we fly to Australia on Wednesday we’ll have also spoken to members of 18 Rotary Clubs, three schools and three other organisations – and given 12 media interviews about ShelterBox.

Obviously, the earthquake will always add a sad note to our memories. Overall the ride has been tough but beautiful. We’ve also met many lovely people along the way – thanks so much to all our kind hosts.

And a particular mention for the wonderful Doug from Thames Rotary Club who treated us to a helicopter flight around his town!

Images of New Zealand. L: Waterfall on the Napier-Taupo road. M: Carolyn with a bird's eye view. R: With our escort and host Hywel at the famous L&P bottle, as Kiwi as...



  1. Dear Carolyn and Huw,
    Good to see your blog yesterday. Awful thing what has happened in Christchurch. It’s so unusual for an earthquake to causes such damage in a wealthy country where most buildings are earthquake-proof. At the Quaker Meeting House in Reading yesterday, an appeal for funds was made and the lady who made the appeal could barely speak for tears.

    We are hoping to see your Mum and Dad’s new house next weekend when we will be in Bournemouth to celebrate our wedding ani.

    I am looking forward to cycling with you on May 2nd! Hope I can keep up with you! I rode a 100 km AUDAX on Saturday, over 150 of us, rained most of the morning, but it was great! A wrong turning meant that I added a mile and a bit on, so it was 64 miles in all! I then came home to see England wallop France!

    Take care!
    Uncle John

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