Posted by: Huw Thomas | February 24, 2011

Dark days ahead

The news from Christchurch is distressing. Luckily my nephew (about to start Uni there) and the people who hosted us when we cycled through are all okay.

However, this is what one of those hosts had to say: “My family have again been blessed to have no injuries and only some small damage which can all be repaired.

“Our city however, has been devastated. This has been a much, much worse event than the September and Boxing Day quakes. We have lost a lot of buildings, heritage, history and worst of all, many many people.

“This is a small city and we all know people directly affected by this disaster. Our thoughts are with the trapped, the injured and those who are grieving. Christchurch will recover but we have some dark days ahead.

“The support of our friends from around the world means a great deal to us. It also underlines the relevance and importance of the work you are both doing. You fill a very real need in times of incredible stress and hardship. Good luck with your mission and thank you again for your kind wishes. “



  1. We sincerely empathize with you during this time of despair, having felt our own dark days a mere five years ago during and after Hurricane Katrina.

    Know that our hearts are with you and we have teamed with all of the major organizations (like ShelterBox) to provide you some comfort in real terms as well.

    Love and compassion is freely and unconditionally given to all in your community from our own small town…and we are here to help you not only endure this tragedy, but prevail over it.

    Steve Schlicht, friends and family
    Biloxi MS

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