Posted by: Huw Thomas | February 23, 2011

ShelterBoxes for Christchurch

We were horrified when we heard yesterday’s news. Although we’re now safe at the other end of North Island, we were outside Christchurch Cathedral just a few weeks ago with our bike and a ShelterBox display.

Tomorrow, the first 100 ShelterBoxes arrive in Christchurch with another 200 following on Saturday morning. The tents and equipment will be made available to the teams of rescue workers battling to save lives and rescue survivors.

When we started this ride we never expected to be riding through countries where disasters actually happened. The fact we were stood in the centre of Christchurch – exactly where the spire came down – only weeks ago just reinforces how terrible and random the forces of nature can be.



  1. Yeah its amazing how quickly things can change forever

  2. Hi Carolyn and Huw,

    Good to hear you are safe and well, Love from the Madeleys xx

  3. Good to hear you are both safe and well.
    It was a truly shocking event and shows
    that Mother Nature is most definitely in charge !
    Its a great cause so keep up the good work.
    See you in the summer.

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