Posted by: Huw Thomas | February 15, 2011


Hill, what hill? Okay… so it was a bit of a climb but nothing like as bad as people had made us fear. Maybe because we were helped by that rare NZ phenomenon – a tail wind!

The top of Rimutaka Hill.

Down the other side we were met by a bunch of local cyclists and escorted to Greytown – with a fire engine leading the way! That night (Sunday) we gave a talk to a joint meeting of the South Wairarapa, Carterton and Masterton South Rotary Clubs – and were delighted to collect cheques for two more ShelterBoxes.

Easy ride to Pahiatua yesterday (58 miles but no big hills) where we gave another presentation and on to Dannevirke today for our next talk.



  1. It’s always nice when something you’re dreading turns out to be much easier than expected, although sometimes I think if we hadn’t been given the negative expectation, and imagine it will be really easy, that it might have been bad… Congratuations on the tailwind, and putting one more hill behind you! So fun to watch your journey unfold!

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