Posted by: Huw Thomas | February 12, 2011

Here comes the Rimutaka

After a couple of short, easy rides out of Wellington, tomorrow comes our next big challenge: Rimutaka Hill.

Everyone tells us it’s nasty, steep and notorious for high winds. The summit is also 550m above sea level – so over 450m (about 1,500ft) of climbing to look forward to!

Oh well, we’ll have a group of local Rotarians waiting to meet us when we get down to Featherston and then a presentation to give at Greytown to members of clubs from across the South Wairarapa.

And if we get too fed up we can always think back to this sight from sailing through the Queen Charlotte Sound on Thursday:

We gave our first North Island talk on Friday to the Courtenay Place Rotary Club in Wellington and met members of the Porirura Sunrise club this morning as we were riding out to Upper Hutt.

See below for Carolyn’s thoughts on the ride so far:



  1. Hello Huw and Carolyn,

    Neile and I drove the Rimutaka Hill road 4 years ago when we were in North Island – not only is it steep but it’s narrow (almost single track) and very winding. The sort of road where you’re on full lock left then immediately full lock right with the wider passing sections on the crowns of the bends. There are some nice drop-offs from the road as well! Not that I want to but you off as it was a beautiful road – but take care!

    Best wishes,

    • Sounds like great fun… if you see another post on this blog in a day or two then you’ll know we made it in one piece!

  2. Still following your amazing trip.
    If you end up by chance anywhere near a Jordan Luck gig, Just mention my name and i’m sure you’ll get in for nowt as we are good mates and still in touch after sharing a flat in Sydney many moons ago.
    All the kiwi’s know him as he is a bit of a legend there. He should be playing all the summer festivals now. You never know!
    Happy cycling.

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