Posted by: Huw Thomas | February 10, 2011

Six months gone

Arrived in Wellington this afternoon after three weeks of riding across the South Island. It’s also now six months since we started this epic journey in aid of ShelterBox so a good time to catch up on where we’re at so far:

MILES: Total distance ridden – 5,663 miles. Including: Canada – 800; Montana to New Mexico – 1,956; New Mexico – Florida – 2,202; New Zealand South Island – 705.

TALKS: We gave just over 70 talks and presentations in North America as well as about 35 media interviews. So far in New Zealand our tally is only at six – but our schedule on the North Island looks much more hectic!

RESULTS: We know we’ve raised around $15,000 in the US, plus about another 2,200 pounds (sorry this NZ keyboard doesn’t have a pound sign!). We’ve also now had pledges of three ShelterBoxes in New Zealand.

We’ve also given hundreds of leaflets about ShelterBox to people we’ve met along the way so the word is spreading… and hopefully the donations will follow!



  1. That’s fabulous, well done you two!

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