Posted by: Huw Thomas | February 8, 2011

By the Tasman

Carolyn’s happy – we’re back by the seaside again. After three hot and fairly hard days of riding, we reached Nelson yesterday in time to give a talk to the Rutherford Rotary Club.

L: Feeling hot in the Buller Gorge. R: Cooling off at journey's end.

We left Reefton on Saturday. Damp start but the day just got hotter and hotter. On arrival at Murchison we just jumped straight in the river – sweaty cycling gear and all. Sunday night we were at St Arnaud for a final catch-up with my brother and his family before the ride to Nelson.

L: Evening at St Arnaud. R: View from our Nelson home!

Today we’re enjoying a day off. Done a bit of shopping for crucial things like new socks (!) and had a very nice paddle along the beach.

Right now? We’re enjoying the view (see above) from the home of our hosts Denis and Denise… and sipping a chilled glass of the local sauvignon blanc (helps make the long, hard days seem a distant memory).

Also delighted to have had a pledge of another ShelterBox – from the Temuka Geraldine Rotary Club following our talk there.



  1. Glad you have enjoyed your stay in our little piece of Paradise.
    Also a big thank you for speaking to our Rutherford Rotary Club of Nelson NZ
    Best wishes for the rest of your Journey.

    Jeff Duncan
    Rutherford Rotary
    Nelson NZ

    • We liked Nelson when we first visited three years ago… even more impressed now! Paradise is the word.

  2. Great news about another ShelterBox pledge!

    • Yes… let’s hope they all rise to your challenge and keep them coming!

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