Posted by: Huw Thomas | February 2, 2011

A right battle

Some people say the wind makes you stronger… Hmm. Personally, I reckon it just makes you very tired and extremely slow!

Crossing the States we were lucky enough to have tailwinds pushing us up some mountain passes. Yesterday, we conquered the Lewis Pass going so slow it was difficult keeping the bike upright at times. On the bright side, though, the sun was shining and we had lots of time to admire the scenery.

On the way to the Lewis Pass - (note direction of flags!)

We left Christchurch on Sunday morning after a welcome stop with local Warmshowers host Murray. (Thanks!) We got to Waipara that lunchtime (about 40 miles) and thought about pressing on…

However, the wind here has a habit of getting stronger in the afternoons and after taking half an hour to go just over three miles we decided to turn round. And were back at the campsite in eight minutes!

L: Camping at Waipara Sleepers. R: Sunday morning coffee stop.

It’s taken us four days but we’re now at my brother Gareth’s place in Reefton and looking forward to a break after the ride here. (We’re viewing this part of the trip as our ‘holiday’ – we don’t have many talks planned here in the South Island but know our schedule is going to get a lot busier after we cross to Wellington.)



  1. When the Norwester was blowing early this morning, I wondered how you guys were going. Perhaps the North Island will be kinder!

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