Posted by: Huw Thomas | January 29, 2011

Kiwi challenge

CAROLYN SAYS: Feelgood quote of the trip so far – we’d ridden into Christchurch’s Cathedral Square and a lovely lady asked how far we’d cycled so far. “Five thousand miles across Canada and America,” I replied proudly and she said: “My goodness, but you look so great – like you’ve just come out of a salon!” Thank you, thank you.

Actually it was a good job she spoke up as I’ve been suffering from a blocked-up ear and this morning felt particularly deaf. I’ve just blown more than two days budget on a visit to the doctor and having my ear syringed, hopefully I can claim it back on travel insurance or Huw’s chocolate allowance may be affected…

We had a great day. There were ShelterBoxes on display in the central square, where a buskers festival was underway, and  fire and ambulance crews were pitched against each other to erect the 10-man ShelterBox tent as fast as possible. The fire brigade won on speed (can anyone do it faster than 12 minutes?) but the ambulance crew’s tent won on style!

Special thanks to Jade and Sophie who did a fantastic job handing out leaflets and collecting donations. And hello to the couples on holiday from Cornwall and Yorkshire – hope to see you on our UK loop!

I’m loving Ken’s Kiwi challenge on our blog (see comments on our HALFWAY post). His Waimate Rotary club has already sponsored one ShelterBox on our behalf and he’s urging New Zealanders to beat the 15 ShelterBoxes we raised money for in the US.

My own personal challenge is to find a campsite with a TV to watch the tennis tomorrow night – COME ON ANDY!!

Below are a couple of video clips from day 3 and 6 of our ride:



  1. Tough luck on the tennis

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