Posted by: Huw Thomas | January 23, 2011


It’s been an eventful few days – we started the second part of our journey, reached 5,000 miles on the bike… and got beaten by the New Zealand wind!

Driving down from Christchurch (after a 5.1 earthquake that morning) I began to wonder if starting our journey from ShelterBox NZ’s base in Mosgiel was such a good idea. Maybe the fact Dunedin boasts the world’s steepest street should have rung a warning bell but they’ve got some nasty hills around there.

The first bit from Mosgiel wasn’t bad but yesterday’s ride from Dunedin to Moeraki was a killer – climbing mountains into the teeth of a gale while being lashed with rain! We spent over 6 hours on the bike and managed our slowest daily speed yet – 8.6mph.

Today it only rained for the first couple of hours and the hills were a lot smaller but the wind just got worse as the day went on. In the end we called a halt about 10 miles short of our target and left the bike in a shed at a local dairy farm.

Tomorrow we’ll get a lift back to the bike so we can resume the journey. On the plus side, we’ve just been given a cheque for one ShelterBox from the Rotary Club of Waimate.



  1. Congratulations on reaching the HALFWAY point. What a long way to have come in just a few months. Best wishes on the continuation, and the final 5000 km! May the wind be at your back, and the hills all leading down..,.

  2. The Rotary Club of Waimate challenges other NZ Rotary clubs to match or better our donation of one ShelterBox. Lets see if Huw and Carolyn can receive more ShelterBoxs in NZ than they did in USA and set a high standard for the rest of their world trip!

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