Posted by: Huw Thomas | December 18, 2010

Part One DONE!

We’ve done it! After riding 4,958.3 miles across Canada and the United States we arrived in Tampa this afternoon to a wonderful welcome.

There to meet us was a big contingent from the ShelterBox USA team, plus Jen Kormendy from ShelterBox Canada – our original host in Vancouver.

At the finish line with Jen Kormendy – who also saw us off from Vancouver!

It’s amazing to think we’ve done it – on schedule too! Really strange though to think this part is over. Not sure if the sense of accomplishment has sunk in yet – our elation at getting here is mixed with sadness that a wonderful 19-week experience has come to an end.



  1. Well done guys, a real achievement. Have a great white Christmas at home and we look forward to seeing you Downunder next year.

  2. Well done. I met you briefly at an RV park just before Yellowstone (I’m the British guy on the motorbike). Great to know you’ve made it all the way across the US. Hope the next stage is just as much fun!

  3. Hi to you both
    Congratulations on this first leg.
    Looking forward to meet and greet in New Zealand where we know there will be some REAL hospitality
    Warren Irving
    District 9940 ShelterBox Coordinator

  4. Guys, an absolutely fantastic effort. Well done! So proud of you. We had a big display of you and Shelterbox up yesterday at the diploma party here in Viseu. Brilliant stuff! Just hope you can get a flighht to the UK!! Wre spposed to be going home too tomorrow for Tiago’s first ever English Christmas. We’ll wait n see if it happens! Merry Christmas… looking forward to leg #2
    Lots of love and admiration!

  5. congratulations chaps … an unbelievable achievement… very proud of you and slightly in awe as i sit here in plymouth and look at all the cold snowwwww

  6. Congratulations you two – have a brilliant Christmas & hope to see you sometime soon. From all of us XX

  7. Congratualtions!
    What an accomplishement and adventure. Wish you luck on your journey back the UK for the Holidays.
    We’ll be looking forward to follwong your travels through NewZealand.

    How great to see the Manatees!


  8. What an amazing accomplishment!!!! I hope that you guys are able to get home and enjoy one fantastic holiday season filled with good food, a lot of rest, and plenty of time with family and friends. It will be time for the next part of your journey before you know it… Peace&Love are being wished to you both.

  9. WOW! You guys are my heroes! Truly inspiring accomplishment! Thank you so much for all that you do. Wishing you safe travel and a Merry Christmas from big ‘ole Eastland Texas!

  10. So delighted for you. Hope you made it “across the pond” and are reading this is in “Merry Old England”. Have a wonderful holiday and great cycling in NZ

  11. Congratulations from the couple who snatched you in campgroun to take you to dinner at our house for view of Grand Tetons months ago! We are in Disney World with 21 family members. Have a nice Chrikstmas.

  12. As we say in West Texas YEEHAA. We are so glad you made it safe. Members of the different Rotary Clubs are still talking about Shelter Boxes and your epic trip. Enjoy your time off and may the rest of your trip be down wind.

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