Posted by: Huw Thomas | December 15, 2010

Three days to go

We’re in Citrus Springs, Florida, tonight – with only three more days of riding before we get to Tampa. On Saturday we’re due to arrive at the University of Tampa at 2.30pm for the official ‘finish line’ for the North American leg of our journey.

We’ve done about 4,840 miles so far and probably have about 100 left to go – plus a final ShelterBox presentation tomorrow. After more than four months on the road it’s weird to think that the end of Part 1 is nearly here.

Still, we’re looking forward to going home for a bit, seeing family… and eating loads of food over Christmas before flying to New Zealand for Part 2.

The big excitement today – after riding past all the dead ones on the edge of the road – was finally seeing a live armadillo. Cute little things!



  1. Dear Huw and Carolyn,
    Happy Holidays! We in District 5440 have thoroughly enjoyed the trip and we are also looking forward to New Zealand. Our District Governor and many friends have followed you along the journey and he would like to forward this message:

    “Thank you for transmitting our Brit friends Tandem bike adventure. We’ve vicariously enjoyed avery pedal of their trip across
    North America and I would love it if you’d wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year from our
    District and thank them for their unselfish dedication to Shelter Box.


    Bryan Cooke
    DG 5440 (2010-2011)”

    Have a good rest and a very merry Christmas.
    Tia and Candy,
    Laramie Wyoming

  2. Can’t believe you guys are almost there! Wow! I am in NZ for three months right now… you are going to LOVE it! Hilly and windy roads, but stunning scenery every minute of the day. Perhaps we will cross paths again (I met you on the Trans Canada back in August). Take care!

  3. Dear Huw & Carolyn,

    What an amazing journey you have had, we met you at the gas station in Wolf Creek Montana early one ,orning in September.
    Folowed your comments all the way, talked to my Rotary Club about your journey, we support Shelter Box along with our Interact clubs.
    Have a great time in New Zealand.
    Barry & Vivian Smith

  4. Dear Huw & Carolyn, I have so enjoyed following your journey and having you here in Las Vegas. I am going to miss your presence on this great continent. Have a wonderful Holiday season back home and keep us posted on your adventures in NZ.
    All the Best,
    Sandy Poppers

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