Posted by: Huw Thomas | December 10, 2010

No rest ’til Tampa

Florida might call itself the ‘sunshine state’ but brrrrr – it’s cold here! We’ve been wearing more layers of clothing cycling over the last few days than we have anywhere along the journey so far.

On the other hand, the sun is shining and after a couple of ShelterBox presentations in Pensacola we’re not only back on the road… we’re on the beach.

We’ve had a couple of days following the Florida coast before turning inland tomorrow towards the state capital, Tallahassee. We’ve got a couple more talks lined up but other than that it’s just going to be cycling – no more ‘rest’ days left for us now.



  1. Portugal must seem like an eternity ago !
    Bet you’ll be pleased to know that we are all primed up for the xmas diploma party sketch on saturday night!
    Concerning your split saddle? brought to mind a very old joke…A title of a book called…
    Twenty years in the saddle . by Major. B.U.M. Sore.
    ha ha..
    Merry xmas.

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