Posted by: Huw Thomas | December 4, 2010

Strange customs

One of the best things about this journey has been the incredible hospitality and kindness of the people we’ve met along the way – everything from people opening up their homes to this pair of peculiar cyclists they’ve never met before to having our coffee bought for us by random strangers.

Getting ourselves into the media can also help. Going south from Hattiesburg we stopped to buy coffee at a gas (petrol) station but were called over to a roadside diner called Roosters on the opposite side of the road. The lady running it had seen us on TV talking about ShelterBox and wanted to give us lunch. Glad we stopped because it was delicious!

However, we’ve also come across some odd customs. Lucedale has a ‘scratching post’ in the main street. And the thing to do is… well, scratch!

After scratching our backs in Lucedale, we continued on to Alabama. Had to take an eight-mile detour to get past Mobile. The direct route was through a tunnel but that was closed to cyclists! (What’s wrong with these people?!)

But we’re now on the other side of the bay and tomorrow – after four months of cycling across North America – we’re finally going to see the sea again.


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