Posted by: Huw Thomas | November 21, 2010

daa da daaaa

CAROLYN SAYS: Daa da daa da daa da da da daa, da da daa da da daaaaa…….if you don’t know this theme tune you probably won’t appreciate the following.

Anyone recognise this house?

Here's a clue, one of my favourite all time baddies lived here......

To think that Bobby and JR actually swam in this pool I'm splashing in. Eeeek! (And Kristen drowned in it, can anyone remember why?)



  1. so glad you got to see this wonderful example of Americana. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am thankful for having the opportunity to spend time with you

  2. That is so much fun! I had the biggest crush on Patrick aka Bobby (even back to his Aquaman days…) I wanted to be Victoria Principle (remember that stupid DREAM?!) Kristen. Hmmm. Did she shoot JR? lol
    So is it a park? heritage site? How did you get into South Forks? Is it a secret?

    • It’s now a conference centre with the ranch next door as a tourist attraction. The only secret is that it’s sooo small! The drive is only a couple of hundred yards (metres) and the pool is tiny – they used to swim along wearing transparent harnesses with a man holding a rope stopping them going anywhere. No joke.

  3. Awesome, Loved the show, Cliff was my favorite after I met him in the New Orleans Airport while the show was on the air.

    • Carolyn says: Cliff was not exactly my favourite but I loved the fact the actor turned up in an excellent production of White Christmas I happened to see on stage about three years ago. What a trooper!

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