Posted by: Huw Thomas | November 17, 2010

Report from Mexico

When we arrived in Vancouver at the very start of this journey we were hosted by Jen Kormendy, a local Rotarian and ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) member. Since then – while we were pedalling across New Mexico – Jen went out to Mexico and Guatemala as part of a team delivering ShelterBoxes to people who had lost their homes to floods and mudslides.  

Team Canada - us with Jen Kormendy (left) and fellow SRT Dave Achtemichuk in Vancouver

A report on her experiences recently featured in one of Jen’s local newspapers. In it, she recalled: “There was a ton of need in Mexico. There were entire towns under water. A hurricane came through and wiped out homes. We saw people sleeping in the dirt with no blankets. There was one guy who was sleeping under his car.

“The rewarding part is when you can help. But you can’t help everyone. And the best part is when you can move families into tents.”

Jen said the reaction from the ShelterBox recipients is also profound. “Usually, they are blown away that people across the world have donated money and sponsored a box to help them. I had one lady come up to me and hold my hands and had tears in her eyes. Just thinking about that gets me teary every time.” To read the full article, click here.



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