Posted by: Huw Thomas | November 14, 2010

Beer… it’s lovely

As many of our American audiences have already learnt, one of my big worries about riding across the US was not how big the hills were or whether the natives would be friendly but what the beer would be like. Well, to any fellow ale-lovers nervous of crossing the pond, let me reassure you:  it’s okay, the water’s lovely!

We arrived in Fort Worth yesterday and have been enjoying a day off the bike after seven consecutive, long days of riding across Texas. As part of our cultural studies we visited an exhibition of Western Art… and the Flying Saucer pub. Pictured below is our little sampler tray and part of the beer menu!

The waters of life

So far we’ve ridden about 470 miles since entering Texas. The landscape has changed from flat cotton fields to rolling hills and turned much greener and lusher after the arid lands further west and north. I’ve also got to say – based just on the number of hoots and waves we’re getting – that Texas seems to have the friendliest drivers we’ve met so far.

Leaving Eastland on Friday morning, we also got a big shock. Our names in lights again:

This was the second time – we also had this welcome message in Post, Texas, on Sunday night.



  1. Good stuff. Thanks for the updates……

  2. Brilliant your being treated so well. keep it up guys! Paddy

  3. Glad your search for beer continues to be successful. Hope you have a grand time in Dallas.

  4. am following all your missives… blimey you chaps are doing very well indeed…. keep on pedalling!

    • It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it…

      Well, to be honest, we’re having a blast! Seeing some wonderful places, meeting loads of great people, eating HUGE quantities of food… and getting a big kick out of the fact that we seem to be achieving something useful at the same time.

      • The beer sampler looked particularly good! Next time you come to Helena, we WILL get you to the Blackfoot Brewery to try their sampler!


      • Ahh. I knew there was a reason I wanted to come back! (That and the wonderful jambalaya.)

  5. I always look forward to your latest posts. Thanks for sharing.

  6. So glad to see the people of Texas have done you right! What superstars you are to have your name in lights! Happy pedaling and hope to see you in Florida! 😉

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