Posted by: Huw Thomas | November 11, 2010

Escort service

Before arriving in Texas we were warned it’s a big state to cross. We crossed the state line a week ago now and are beginning to see what they meant.

Luckily we’ve had some fellow cyclists guide us on our way. On Sunday morning we were joined by a group of riders from the West Texas Cycling Association who led us out of Lubbock and set us on the road to Post – thanks folks, the escort was much appreciated.

Ready to ride - setting off with the WTCA

Yesterday we enjoyed the company (and hospitality) of local Rotarian Bill Core, who rode out to join us for our ride into Abilene – and led us through town to the two presentations we were giving.

Today though it was just us… and the wind. But we made it to Eastland – and notched up another milestone on our journey. We’ve now cycled more than 3,350 miles so have reached a third of our 10,000 mile target.

Example of Texan humour...



  1. Dear Huw and Carolyn,
    Yes, as Steve told you Texas IS a big state. But don’t be discouraged by its size. You are doing so well and we have loved reading your blog spots. I know there are more stories to share. You always see so much more on a tandem than even on a bicycle. I loved being able to point things out to Steve that he might have otherwise missed because he was so consumed with watching traffic and the road. We hope you continue the trip in good health and we continue to pray for you. Sorry, we haven’t been able to write sooner. Sept & Oct were just crazy months because I work on a pumpkin farm and those are THE months for the season! Stay upright!
    Blessings to you!

    • Hi folks! Good to hear from you again. We had a battle with wind and icy rain yesterday but it’s turned gorgeous again today. All those prayers and good wishes must be working. Just arrived in Fort Worth – looking forward to a couple of days break.
      All the best, Huw & Carolyn

  2. Hello friends! It’s good to see that things are going well. I’m sure you are relieved to be in Ft. Worth. Many blessings,

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